Census 2021 Information

posted 21 Feb 2021, 11:04 by James Walker   [ updated 21 Feb 2021, 11:04 ]

Census Day is 21 March 2021.

Windrush Valley Traffic Working Group

posted 21 Feb 2021, 11:02 by James Walker   [ updated 21 Feb 2021, 11:02 ]

A new working group has been set up with other local parish councils to combine our efforts in response to the Burford Weight Restriction and other traffic matters.

More information on the WiVTAG page.

Government Proposals for Further Flood Support Measures

posted 5 Feb 2021, 04:09 by James Walker   [ updated 5 Feb 2021, 04:13 ]

The government has published details of a call for evidence that could see insurance premiums reduced for households in known flood areas. We encourage as many residents affected by flooding as possible to engage with this call for evidence.

WODC 2021/2022 Budget Consultation Survey

posted 26 Jan 2021, 09:13 by James Walker   [ updated 26 Jan 2021, 09:14 ]

West Oxfordshire District Council is asking for views as to how it should prioritise its budget spend for next year.

The budget will cover areas including housing, leisure and recreation, environmental health, waste collection, planning applications and local taxation collections.

You can give your views by filling out the online survey

HGVs in Crawley - Update on 7.5t weight limit proposals

posted 21 Jan 2021, 14:28 by James Walker   [ updated 21 Jan 2021, 14:28 ]

Crawley Parish Council has been looking to implement a 7.5t weight limit throughout the village.

All decisions around weight limits in the area have been paused pending the outcome of the OCC review of the wider area affected by the weight limit enforced at Burford bridge.

The four documents linked below provide details of the Parish Council's efforts to date.

The Parish Council has also submitted a response to OCC's consultation on the Burford scheme.

HGVs in Crawley - Response to OCC Consultation on Burford weight limit

posted 21 Jan 2021, 09:03 by James Walker   [ updated 21 Jan 2021, 14:29 ]

The experimental weight restriction in Burford came into force on 5 August 2020. OCC has issued a consultation document asking for any objections to be submitted before the closing date of 5 February 2021.

As a result of the Burford order, heavy goods vehicles that would have gone through the centre of Burford are having to find alternative routes. Many of them are using Dry Lane to get across the Windrush river. If you have been affected by the increase in HGVs coming though Crawley, there is an opportunity to register your concern or complaint. Please support the future of the village and send an email to

More information is provided in the documents linked below.

- Crawley Parish Council's full submission to OCC

- How you can comment on the consultation

- Information on the proposed 7.5t weight limit in Crawley

Update on Thames Water operations in Dry Lane

posted 19 Jan 2021, 08:18 by James Walker

The Parish Council has been in contact with Thames Water to follow up on what is going on with their operation of the foul sewer system in the village. Tankers have been operating at the pumping station in Dry Lane for many weeks causing problems with noise, traffic congestion and damage to the verge.

Thames Water have advised us that the problem in Crawley is due to ground water entering the foul sewer network. The tankers are required because the pumping station cannot cope with the amount of flow - the foul system was not designed to take any surface or ground water so it cannot cope with the volume that is finding its way into the pumping station.

As a solution to the problem, Thames Water arranged for sections of the sewers to be lined. This would stop excess water getting into the sewers and the pumps in the pumping station would then be able to manage without the addition of tankers to take excess foul sewer material away.

The lining process involves inserting a sleeve inside the existing sewer. The sleeve is inserted with what is essentially a heavy duty balloon, the balloon is inflated and this causes the liner to form the shape of the sewer and stop the ingress of water. Once the resin in the sleeve has dried, the balloon is deflated and removed.

However, when TW attempted this work, they found that the pipes were cracking under the internal pressure from the balloon. Ground water has washed away material from around the outside of the pipes which allows the pipes to break.

TW have not had this issue before in any of the locations where they have carried out this type of work. They were forced to stop the lining to prevent a total failure as this would involve an almost impossible task of trying to control the ground water within the excavation and would have meant a long road closure just to fix the one issue.

TW now need to find a different approach to this issue and unfortunately they will need to carry on with the tankering until the levels within the sewer have subsided.

We have asked them to limit the tanker operations to daytime as far as possible to minimise the noise and disturbance that is being caused to Crawley residents and they have given us an assurance that they will try to do this.

Thames Water: Pumping operations in Dry Lane

posted 21 Dec 2020, 07:35 by James Walker   [ updated 21 Dec 2020, 07:36 ]

We have been making enquiries with Thames Water to establish what they propose to do to overcome the problems that have required tankers for many months in Dry Lane. The good news is that an end is now in sight.

Thames Water have advised Crawley Parish Council that they will be carrying out work to line some of the main sewers in the village. They have been given a road closure date of 4th January 2021 (originally advertised as 14th December 2020) when their contractor, Onsite, will be starting work. These works should overcome the problems that have required tankers to carry out pumping operations in Dry Lane.

The lining work is shown on the map below. The lining work was raised to address the infiltration of ground water into the village sewer. The full length lining is approx. 135m in length on Foxborough Lane with patch lining sections on Foxborough Lane and Dry Lane. The sewer itself is not in a bad condition structurally but the ground water is forcing its way through joints which is the root of the surcharging issue.

Updated (21/12/2020)

The road closure application made by Thames Water, which was requested for December 14th, was refused so work on lining the sewers has not been able to start.

The new start date is Monday 4th January 2021. When the lining work is complete, Thames Water expect that their tanker operations on Dry Lane can stop. They anticipate a works duration of 7 - 10 days.

At present six loads per day are being pumped out. Each load is 4,000 gallons - so 24,000 gallons per day are being taken out of the sewer holding tank at the side of Dry Lane. The pumps in the holding tank are still working but they are not able to manage the total volume that flows in. The reason is that the sewers in the village are damaged and ground water is entering the sewers. The work to line the sewers should prevent the ground water from getting in.

Defibrillator now available in the village

posted 10 May 2017, 02:42 by Paul Lay

Following agreement at the Parish Council meetings, we are pleased to let everyone know there is a defibrillator now available for emergencies, should they occur, in the village.

The equipment is sited on the outside wall of The Lamb Inn.

Parish Council Meeting- 25 May 2017

posted 18 Mar 2017, 08:06 by Paul Lay   [ updated 10 May 2017, 02:38 ]

The agenda for the meeting is now available under the Public Documents section.

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