Responses from Crawley to OCC to object to the Burford Weight restriction

Are you bothered by

  • the increasing number of HGVs coming through Crawley,
  • the damage that this is doing to our little roads, and
  • the danger that these big vehicles create to residents in the village?

The reason that they’re coming is because they have been diverted from their normal route through the centre of Burford. Crawley is one of the few alternative routes that they can find to get over the river Windrush. Why should we in Crawley have to suffer the consequences of Burford’s self-protectionist ban on HGVs using the A361 in Burford? Burford don’t seem to be bothered where these big vehicles go – providing it’s not affecting them.

The Burford scheme is an ‘Experimental Traffic Regulation Order’ that will run for 18 months (August 2020 to February 2022). The County Council will review the performance twice during this time. Their first review will be at the OCC Cabinet Meeting on 29 July 2021. They could decide to stop it now but this will only happen if they get a very strong response from affected communities to demand the scheme is brought to a halt. The number of letters that are received by OCC really matters. We have been told by our County Councillor, Liam Walker, that ten letters will be given much more importance that one letter with ten signatures. You can help. Please write a letter or email to OCC (see instructions below).

  • Crawley Parish Council has already written – a copy of the PC letter to Councillor Duncan Enright is attached.
  • Every additional letter from a Crawley resident will help to get the action we need.

Your letter should go to Councillor Enright who is the Cabinet Member leading the OCC decision on what action to take.

Councillor Duncan Enright
Cabinet Member for Travel and Development Strategy
85 Newland
OX28 3JW

Alternatively you can send an email:

Here are a few ideas of issues that you may want to refer to in your letter:

  • HGVs should be kept to the strategic routes through the County and should not be using narrow, unclassified roads through small communities like Crawley.
  • Crawley’s roads are deteriorating because of the HGV use. With limited maintenance budgets we don’t expect they will be repaired.
  • HGVs create risks for pedestrians and dog walkers. There are hardly any footways in Crawley so pedestrians have to walk on the road. We need to be kept safe.
  • Diverting HGVs onto inappropriate routes will be damaging to the environment.