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Thames Water: Pumping operations in Dry Lane

posted 21 Nov 2020, 10:12 by James Walker

We have been making enquiries with Thames Water to establish what they propose to do to overcome the problems that have required tankers for many months in Dry Lane. The good news is that an end is now in sight and I'm sure people round the village will be glad to hear about it.

Thames Water have advised Crawley Parish Council that they will be carrying out work to line some of the main sewers in the village. They have been given a road closure date of 14 December when their contractor, Onsite, will be starting work. These works should overcome the problems that have required tankers to carry out pumping operations in Dry Lane.

The lining work is shown on the map below. The lining work was raised to address the infiltration that is entering the main sewer as well as some patch lining on some of the smaller lateral connections. The full length lining is approx. 135m in length on Foxborough Lane and the patch lining sections are on Foxborough Lane and Dry Lane. The sewer itself is not in a bad condition structurally but the ground water is forcing its way through joints which is the root of the surcharging issue.

Map of sewage alterations to be made by Thames Water December 2020